What Tests Do I Need to Take?

Meeting the minimum passing score on a NES, Paraprofessional, or WEST–E assessment is required for:

  • Candidates adding an endorsement to a new or existing Washington State teaching certificate

Taking the WEST–B is required for:

  • Candidates applying for admission to state-approved educator preparation programs
  • Applicants certified out of state who are applying for a Washington State teaching certificate

Applicants who have completed an educator preparation program outside Washington may apply for a teaching permit that will grant them an additional calendar year to meet the WEST–B and WEST–E, Paraprofessional, or NES requirements.

WEST–B Alternatives

Candidates entering a Washington approved educator preparation program may substitute one or more sections of the SAT or ACT for the equivalent subsection on the WEST–B. The basic skills requirement may only be fulfilled by the WEST–B, ACT, or SAT.

WEST–B Exemptions for Out-of-State Applicants

Candidates who can provide documentation of taking one of the approved basic skills equivalent assessments are exempt from taking the WEST–B. A list of the approved basic skills equivalent tests can be found at WEST–B Exemptions and Equivalent Assessments opens in a new window.

WEST–E or NES Exemptions for Out-of-State Applicants

Individuals who can provide documentation of the following are exempt from taking the NES or WEST–E:

  • A National Board Certificate if there is a direct equivalency between endorsement and the National Board Certificate, as approved by the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) and published by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)
  • Passing status on one of the approved content knowledge equivalent tests. A list of the approved content knowledge equivalent tests can be found at WEST–E/NES Equivalent Tests opens in a new window.

Requesting an Out-of-State Score Report

If you are an out-of-state certified educator who is seeking certification in Washington, your passing score from your state’s teacher certification exam may be used to meet Washington’s content knowledge test requirement. An out-of-state candidate who is applying to a post-baccalaureate educator preparation program (EPP) may also use test results from an equivalent national or out-of-state basic skills assessment to satisfy the testing requirement for program admission. If you took a Pearson-administered assessment in another state and would like to have your test results reported to the Washington OSPI and an EPP (for basic skills assessments), complete and submit the online Out-of-State Score Report Request Form. The fee for this service is $60.

For more information about certification requirements, please visit the website for the OSPI at www.k12.wa.us opens in a new window or call the OSPI at (360) 725-6000.

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The edTPA is no longer required for state teacher certification in Washington. Individual programs may continue to use the edTPA. Candidates should contact their programs regarding specific program requirements. Learn more about the edTPA in Washington. link opens in a new window

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